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More than just an Electrician

Smart Technology

As a NEST™ registered installer, we can supply at trade prices and install to the highest standard, this increasingly popular technology.  NEST™ can control your heating, let you see your home on your mobile phone via Smart cameras or simply provide music and entertainment to your home.

With Google Assistant™ too, you can do it all through your voice.  

Simply say "okay Google, play radio 2 in the Kitchen" and hey presto, music to your ears!

Better still, "okay Google, turn up the heating to 23 degrees" and in no time at all, you're wearing shorts and a Hawaiian shirt in December!!!

I can install this for you and demonstrate how to use it.  You make the coffee, I'll show you how to use it, just forgive my taste in music!.

Services: Services

NEST™ Products

Get it at trade price

I will supply and install these products at cost price through my official NEST™ installer account.

Simply pay me to install and I will demonstrate how to use it.

As a user of this personally, I can advise you with experience and not simply to make money from it.  It really is a useful and fun-to-use piece of technology.

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