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CCTV & Security

We install many types of CCTV and security.  From Wi-Fi cameras you can view on your phone or tablet, to wired systems with multiple cameras, we will ensure you have the right system for your requirements.

For hard wired systems we prefer HikVision - the world leaders in CCTV, and whilst these cameras have a place in domestic homes, some customers prefer the easier to setup IP cameras such as Nest or Ring.  EMC Electrical Services are official Nest Installers.

We offer discounts for multiple purchases and regularly install cameras in homes on the same street with those customers grouping together to achieve the best deal.  If I receive a discount for buying more cameras, you get that discount too.

Doorbell Cameras, standalone CCTV or plug and play devices, we can install them all and show you how they can protect you, your family and your home.

CCTV and Security: Services
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